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Walta-validation project




Data-display projects



Minntech / Dyped projects



Avantes projects                



Spectrocam projects

Lici Colorstar projects




Walta validation


Endoscope connection database


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Infoview software to update text for text displays.

Bios firmware for new text display controller.


Dyped / Minntech

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MDS Keyboard tester


Avantes projects

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3D design of Avantes Avabenches, using Autodesk Mechanical Desktop



Developed several spectrophotometers and light sources for Avantes


Spectrocam spectrophotometer projects

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Spectrocam downloads are no longer available!

.....only one left... This program will turn your reflective only Spectrocam into a reflective and emmisive Spectrocam!!


PPCS Press Printer Control System. Developed for Ihara Industries Japan

Software program in Japanese language for controlling a print press


Program scans a test strip besides the print job using the Spectrocam spectrophotometer.

It displays the result on the screen and exports it to Excel and other export files.

The print press operator can see and adjust the correct press stage.


Spectrocam Illuminator

This was a challenging drawing...


Spectrocam  Monochromator

This was fun!


Spectrocam Spectrophotometer software.


I developed the electronics hardware, firmware, drivers and application software for the Spectrocam spectrophotometer. I made the drawings for the 3D models for the optical parts using

Autocad Mechanical Desktop.



Lici Colorstar projects

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Colors needed to be stored on computers, te PcColors project was born.

I wrote drivers and application software for the Lici Colorstar PcColors interface.


Custom made project database manager



It all started with the Lici Colorstar densitometers for use in the darkroom.